This Package is including:

  • 1 Fully day shooting for the wedding day (photos and video)
  • Half day pre-shooting
  • Unlimited edited photos (printable)
  • 1 Full HD/4K highlight video or stream
  • 1 Full HD/4K Video slide show
  • All original footage
  • High quality sound recording
  • Drone shooting
  • Advises

Price(2 Camera man) $1799

Price(3 Camera man) $2499

Price(4 Camera man) $3299

This package includes video and photos and is very suitable for a big and memorable wedding. Of course, we have a package that only includes photography, but if your wedding is more than 6 hours and the number of guests is very large, it is a suitable package.
In this package, 2 to 4 camera man records all the moments, and for more guests and larger events, there should be more photographers and videographers, so nothing is left out of the eyes of the cameras.
In this package, there is time to use Drone for aerial photography and videography, also we prepare a beautiful video of your favorite photos, on which we put your favorite music.
plus, we will give you all the original files (photos and videos).

One of the features of this package is Pre-shooting.
One day, which can be before or after your wedding, we go to a beautiful place like the beach or the forest for a casual and comfortable photography and filming, and we shoot scenes that represent your romantic relationship to use in your highlight-video.
You can also share photos with guests before your wedding day to get excited about your event or use a number of photos in the wedding signs and design.

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