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AUT Graduation

Rebekah & Lee Wedding

Crystal & Masoud Wedding

A Mortgage Broker – Auckland, NZ

New Year Party at Caravanserai

One Life Style

Luci Product

Morning side Mate Product

Bay Bee Product

Profine Product

Youasi Product

Sushi City Product

Tokma Products

Mehrdad & Hanad Pre-shooting

Jade & Steve Wedding

Felicia & Mike Wedding

Rita & Slouman Wedding

Hana & Mehrdad Wedding

Peter & Sirnu Wedding

Tolerance Seminar – Auckland

West Bank Website

Halloween Party 2019

Holy Communion 2019

NZ Kurdish Community Event 2019

Wine Chain

Avondale Dental Centre

Akdeniz Bar and Restaurant Birthday Party – 2019

Graduation Ceremony 2019

AUT Student Advertisement Project 2019


Shahin 30th Birthday

Caravanserai Bar & Restaurant Birthday Event

Noushin & Ashkan Wedding Pre-shooting

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